Bcc Hard Fork Split! August 1st 2017

Bitcoin Blockchain Hard Fork Split on 1st August30 Jan 2018.

8.1.2 Bitcoin Cash (BCH or BCC1) In 2017, Bitcoin users adopted an improvement.

as SegWit, where transactions are split into two segments: transactional data, and signature data) through a soft fork.

The hard fork that created Bitcoin Cash (BCC or BCH) happened on August 1st, 2017, right after a.

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Misschien wel de bekendste hard fork is de hard fork bij Bitcoin op 1 augustus 2017. Toen splitste een groep zich af van Bitcoin en ontstond Bitcoin Cash.

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Aug 1, 2017 · 2 min read.

On August 1st, bitcoin split into two separate chains: bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC). So, how does this affect BTC users, and what should you do to gain the most out of the hard fork?.

At the moment, the BTC wallet does not display BCC balances, therefore in the last step of the recovery.

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2 Aug 2017.

August 2, 2017.

A chain split is a slow and confusing event, even with a deadline. Bitcoin cash had a much publicized deadline of Aug 1, 12:20 UTC (or 8 :20am US Eastern time) for the split to occur.

disagreement among ethereum holders led to a hard fork, creating ethereum and “ethereum classic.”.