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Background: Running Bitcoin Core 0.10 x64 on Windows 8.1 txindex is enabled first synchronization Problem: Bitcoin Core 0.10 is constantly freezing during synchronization, especially on newer blocks losing connections and making RPC unre.

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For working bitcoind command in windows, you have to go to dir C:Program FilesBitcoindaemon and Execute these commands. Using Bitcoin core version 16 on windows 10. bitcoind getinfo in Linux. bitcoind -h in windows. Use this command after changing directory like shown in pic

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I use Bitcoin Core v0.12.1 (64bit) for Windows as my desktop wallet for transactions on the regular web. I am just getting set up to use Tor. I would like to configure Bitcoin Core for use on Tor as well. When I opened Settings|Options|Network tabs I found a pre-checked marked box labeled "Allow incoming Connections" In addition to that I have.

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