Bitcoin Legal En France

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8 Apr 2020.

India's crypto scene, now uncorked by the Supreme Court; South Korea's new blockchain regulations; French court declares bitcoin legal.

Decision by European legislative body hands victory to Palestinian movement of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions – Anadolu.

According to a statement from Iran’s Foreign Ministry, the pledge was made during Zarif’s phone call with his Canad.

6 Mar 2020.

Good news for the crypto community emerges in France where the Commercial Court of Nanterre has recognized Bitcoin as a currency.

6 Mar 2020.

France's Commercial Court of Nanterre has issued a ruling classifying Bitcoin as fungible and intangible like legal currency.


Prosecutors have opened last October an investigation to see whether the French tax authority has illegally given one of the.

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reuters staff, France to Create Legal Framework for Cryptocurrency Offerings,

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran will send the black box of a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed.

FRANCE CLASSIFIES BITCOIN AS MONEY - TOP 3 BITCOIN FRIENDLY COUNTRIES - BITCOIN BREAKING RESISTANCEZarif said that Iran is ready to solve legal issues, to compensate losses on the victims of the accident and to compensate.