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Bitcoin price in India for last 10 days given in Indian rupees. Other Major Currency Conversions ». US Dollar to Rupee; Euro to Rupee; UK Pound to Rupee

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Bitcoin pakistani rupee history since 18/07/2010 until today (10 years). Search for BTC to PKR exchange rate history for a particular date, month or year.

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Bitcoin is acknowledged among the top virtual currencies. Here you can check the BTC to PKR rate today. BTC to PKR or Bitcoin exchange rate in Pakistan today, 12 October 2019 is around Rs 1,307,482.38 or $8355.5. However, it varies due to several factors such as fluctuation of US Dollar, inflation, and some virtual currency trends.

Bitcoin price in India for last 10 days given in Indian rupees. Other Major Currency Conversions ». US Dollar to Rupee; Euro to Rupee; UK Pound to Rupee

The exchange rate for Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency to Pakistani rupee (BTC to PKR exchange rate in Pakistan) on October 5, 2019 was PKR 1,274,562.37.

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3 May 2020.

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the U.K. (91.48%), Colombia (85.07%), India (83.07%), and Pakistan (81.79%).