Bobby Lee And Brock Pierce Elected As Bitcoin Foundation Board

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The Bitcoin Foundation has appointed venture capitalist Brock Pierce as the chairman of the board of directors. He was elected by a 3-0 vote earlier this week, with board member Olivier Janssens.

12/05/2014  · Only 102 Bitcoin Foundation members were eligible to vote, of those 31 abstained. Bobby Lee, head of BTC China, was brought on board with 79% approval. Also elected, with 65% approval, was co-founder, Brock Pierce. KnCMiner is currently the sole purchaser of TBF’s $100,000 platinum membership.

13/05/2014  · The election of two new board members to the Bitcoin Foundation Board has proven to be no exception. The second voting round election of BTC China CEO Bobby Lee and venture capitalist Brock Pierce.

Bitcoin Foundation's Brock Pierce responds to controversyFollowing the second round of voting to replace two vacant seats on the Bitcoin Foundation’s board of directors, BTC China CEO Bobby Lee and venture capitalist Brock Pierce were officially added to the board’s roster. The three-person runoff election saw Gyft CEO Vinny Lingham miss election to the post by a narrow 2% margin. Votes were cast by the Bitcoin Foundation members.

03/09/2019  · Board Election – Industry Seats (2014) – Winners: Bobby Lee & Brock Pierce (Source: Bitcoin Foundation) The appointment of Brock Pierce to the board proved controversial, with some claiming the Foundation should have done more vetting before allowing Mr Pierce to stand.