Gold Replica Stamp Collection

Prices for a 22kt gold Wyoming statehood replica stamp vary from $0.99 up to $15.00. Asked in Coins and Paper Money , Stamp Collecting (Philately) How much is a 1929 postal union congress gold.

20/03/2007  · A friend just gave me a whole album full of those – FDCs with a gold-plated replica stamp included – asking me to see if they had any value. Probably 30-40 or so in the album, all from around 1997. Guess I have the answer now.

20/04/1995  · The 22 kt gold is a gold foil around a replica stamp along with an example of the stamp. When I was collecting the first day issue gold replica stamps would come in a box of six stamps with all the information for each stamp, and the box would cost, I believe, $39.95. You have 4 months of stamps. Your stamps have a Fair Market value for resale of $60.00.

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Golden Replicas U.S Classic Stamps Collection Binder 22 Kt Gold 57 total. $27.20 shipping. Certification: Uncertified. Grade: Ungraded. 75 Golden Replicas United States Stamps 22 ct First Day Issue Collecting Book #2.

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re: Gold Replicas of United States Stamps. I have a few of these Gold Leaf Replica FDC’s in my collection. I only collect certain issues and I try to get as many different cachets as I can find for these issues. I don’t think that you can make a blanket statement that all FDC’s are worthless. You can’t lump these FDC’s in with cachet makers.

I inherited a box set of gold plated solid silver stamps, which are from the Treasures from the Royal Collection. There is only 10 000 sets worldwide. My set is number 3489. Each set has 25 stamps weighing in at .925 per stamp. Each stamp is a replicated portraits of Royality worldwide.

Are 24k Gold Stamps Valuable?One of the great American companies of the last century, Pan American World Airways, partnered with a Swiss watch brand by the name of Rolex to see if it could make them a watch capable of telling the.