Rekt&hodl Shitshirts For Shitcoinz.

05/01/2017  · Just posted a couple Andreas Antonopoulos Videos to my Steemit. I posted one here a month or so back about “Infrastructure Inversion” and the other one is about currency wars, collapsing economies, and how they affect the price of bitcoin. Click here for videos . January 5, 2017. Leave a reply. Post navigation ← Interview: Rekt&Hodl Shitshirts for shitcoinz. Interview With Sam Patterson.

Interview: Rekt&Hodl Shitshirts for shitcoinz. Leave a reply. tweet ; share ; save ; share ; RSS feed ; I thought we could welcome 2017 with a fun light-hearted interview. I recently met Rekt&Hodl on twitter and thought it was a fun and interesting project. I sent a DM asking for a quick interview, they agreed, so for my first interview of 2017, I introduce you to Rekt&Hodl . BitcoinDood.

Category Archives: Altcoins My 5% – 25% Percent Rule For Altcoin Trading. 3 Replies. tweet ; share ; save ; share ; RSS feed ; Over the last few months I’ve been working on a 5% to 25% plan for trading cryptocurrency. This is a plan to always hold at least 5% to 25% of any long term cryptocurrency position. There are several reasons for doing this. Accumulate some nice trading positions.

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02/01/2017  · Rekt&Hodl – Hey, Bitcoin Dood, thanks for offering us the opportunity to be apart of your story by letting Rekt&Hodl Designs tell our story: Shitshirts for Shitcoinz 🙂 Firstly it’s based out of New Zealand, operating on the more humorous side of the crypto-space as a small startup and lover of Alts / $BTC and the icons and people in the overall community.

Oct 26, 2017 – All about the Bitcoins ! Bitcoin graphics, Bitcoin faucets, bitcoin news, using bitcoin, and all things Bitcoin related. Did I happen to mention this board is about Bitcoin ?. See more ideas about Bitcoin faucet, What is bitcoin mining and Cryptocurrency.

26/12/2016  · Interview: Rekt&Hodl Shitshirts for shitcoinz. → 2 thoughts on “ Interview with Belacoin Ambia Fund ” Joseph Valenti July 7, 2018 at 7:54 pm. The Bela Coin Developers have made a few errors with the swap from sovereign coin to an ERC20 based coin, and they are not willing to correct their mistakes, so I am here asking for the community for help. I, and plenty of others, all got screwed.