Zombiecoin 2.0

Syed Taha Ali, Patrick McCorry, Peter Hyun-Jeen Lee, Feng Hao, "ZombieCoin 2.0: Managing Next-Generation Botnets using Bitcoin," International Journal of Information Security, pp.1-12, 2017. This is an extended journal version of the earlier workshop paper presented at FC Bitcoin’15.

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Hao, “ZombieCoin 2.0: managing next-generation botnets using Bitcoin,”. Int. J. Inf. Secur., vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 411–. 422, Aug. 2018.

go back to reference Ali, S.T., McCorry, P., Lee, P.H., Hao, F.: ZombieCoin 2.0: managing next-generation botnets using bitcoin. Int. J. Inf. Secur. 17(4), 411–422 .

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ZombieCoin 2.0 : managing next-generation botnets using Bitcoin Tools Ideate RDF+XML BibTeX RIOXX2 XML RDF+N-Triples JSON Dublin Core Atom Simple Metadata Refer METS HTML Citation ASCII Citation OpenURL ContextObject EndNote MODS OpenURL ContextObject in Span MPEG-21 DIDL EP3 XML Reference Manager NEEO RDF+N3 Eprints Application Profile OAI-PMH RIOXX

ZombieCoin 2.0: Managing Next-Generation Botnets using Bitcoin Syed Taha Ali Patrick McCorry Peter Hyun-Jeen Lee Feng Hao July 19, 2017 Abstract Botnets are the preeminent source of online crime and arguably one of the greatest threats to the Internet infrastructure. In this paper, we present ZombieCoin, a botnet command-and-control (C&C) mechanism that leverages the Bitcoin network.

Zombiecoin [15] is specific to the Bitcoin blockchain only. It uses the OP RETURN field and.

“ZombieCoin 2.0: Managing next-. Generation Botnets Using.

review = "ACM CR 8608-0693", subject = "{bf C.2.0}: Computer Systems.

Feng Hao", title = "{ZombieCoin}: Powering Next-Generation Botnets with {Bitcoin}",

06/06/2017  · The bitcoin blockchain is intended to be extremely difficult to take down, to be private and unregulated. Sounds like the perfect medium for a Command and Control [C&C] service. Enter  ZombieCoin 2.0: View this document on Scribd

【CF】 Cross Fire China || Crater Prequel AI1 Mode - New Zombie Mode Map [BETA 1] !ZombieCoin 2.0: managing next-generation botnets using Bitcoin. chaining. The botmaster splits the C&C instruction over sev-eral transactions where the output of one is the input of the. next and.

ZombieCoin 2.0: managing next-generation botnets using Bitcoin botnet in just one step. According to insider accounts, two- thirds of IRC botnets are shut down in just 24h.

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